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Our Story

1979 − Steel Color GM Snc was born, based in Cignone di Corte De Cortesi (Cremona-Italy). The production was focused on sheet polishing and colouring by interference (I.N.C.O. System).
1984 − Extension of the colour basins (from mm 1000x1500 to mm 1250x4000).
1988 − Setting of the electro-chemical etching system.
1997 − Steel Color obtains the Quality Management System Certification - UNI EN ISO 9001.
1998 − Steel Color becomes a quoted company (Steel Color Spa).
2000 − The new headquarters in Pescarolo ed Uniti (CR) are completed and opened (10.000 sqm of covered area).
2001 − Steel Color obtains the Environmental Management System Certification - UNI EN ISO 14001.
2002 − Setting of the Embossing Plant and the Cut to Lenghts line.
2003 − The former location in Cignone is renovated and opened as secondary plant.
2004 − The new Sales Department of 700 sqm is opened.
2009 − The headquarters in Pescarolo are enlarged up to 13.000 sqm. The total surface of the two plants reaches the dimension of 18.000 sqm over an area of 90.000 sqm.
2010 − Setting of the Super Mirror polishing line, with a capacity of nearly 600.000 sqm per year. The digital printing technology is installed the same year .
2011 −  Steel Color is awarded the Health and Safety Management Certification - OHSAS 18001.
2012 − The PVD colouring plant is set.
Displacement of 4500 sqm of production plants from the area of Cignone di Corte de Cortesi (CR) to Pescarolo ed Uniti (CR), reaching a surface of 17000 sqm of productive area.
2013 − Participation to the project financing of Carbon Footprint Analysis, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Environment.
2014 − The production site in Pescarolo ed Uniti (CR) has been extended to 20.000 smq.
2015 − Obtaining the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) successfully. It is a document that describes the environmental impacts from a specific quantity of products analyzing the Life Cycle Assessment and the consumption of resources used.


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