Finishes and Colorings

Thanks to the most advanced technologies used in the treatment of stainless steel surfaces, we are able to obtain a vast range of polishings, brushings and decorations.

All the finishes combined with the different kind of colorations let us offer infinite solutions.

Lucido 7

The finish Lucido 7 is obtained by directional mechanical polishing.

Super Mirror 8

Super Mirror finish is a non-directional polishing that makes the steel sheet surface highly reflective.


Bead Blasting finish is produced by the impact of glass microspheres onto the steel surface; the result is a uniform surface with low reflectivity.


The finish is obtained by unidirectional brushing; the brushed effect could be more or less accentuated depending on the used grain.

Scotch Brite

Scotch Brite finish is obtained by a soft brushing with light brushed effect.


Hairline finish is obtained by directional, gentle and sophisticated brushing.

Satinato non direzionale

The surface finish of the sheets is obtained through a non-directional brushing which gives a matt effect.


The patterned sheet is obtained by printing or lamination, done with one or double rollers to have one face or double faced patterned sheets.


The chemical etching process transfers any design on the sheet’s surface; this will look opaque and slightly rough, creating a nice contrast with the non-etched areas.

Electro-coloring (INCO System)

This is the main technology in our production, in which Steel Color vaunts 30 years of experience. The sheet’s surface is directly altered, chemically stimulating the natural passivation of the material: no paintings are involved in this process, which even increases the pitting resistance of stainless steels.

Titanium-coating (PVD System)

Introduced in our production in 2012 with the launch of our TSteel brand. We are proud to be the only European Company to produce this amazing kind of products. Today we offer the widest color palette worldwide, obtained by physical metal vapor deposition: the color results bright, solid and extremely resistant.

Digital printing

Any design can be printed on stainless sheets, also combined with a wide range of surface finishes for an even more original result.