Colored TSteel

Stainless Steel Titanium

TSteel sheets are colored through a PVD derivate process

The physical vapor deposition on the sheet’s surface forms different kind of coatings (oxides, nitrides, carbide) and allows the color to be bright, even and extremely resistant.

Patterned sheets can be colored by PVD process.

The finishes in Patterned section can be supplied in all colors.

Titanium coated stainless steel sheets are supplied as per sample in our catalog. Any small difference in the color and in the brightness are due to the different reflection of the raw material.

Colors are purely indicative and cannot be considered as control samples.

Colored sheets have a 10 mm margin alongside their width and length, that cannot be used if it remains in sight.

We are at your disposal to estimate any enquiries for non-standard dimensions.