Colored Stainless Steel

colored stainless steel sheets

Stainless steel is a strong and highly durable material that is perfect to be used in interior and exterior constructions and design features. Using colored stainless steel sheets means that design professionals can integrate the element of color into their designs, instead of opting for the regular stainless steel look. Steel Color produces different types of colored stainless steel sheets, which are manufactured to the highest standards and from top quality materials.

Colored TSteel is titanium coated stainless steel. The colors are obtained by using a PVD derivate process.  The vapor that forms on the surface of each sheet provides different types of coating, such as oxides, nitrides and carbides. This means that the colors formed can be bright, distinctive and highly resistant to wear. This coloring process can be applied to both traditional and patterned stainless steel sheets. There may be a difference in the color shades produced due to the varying reflection of the raw material.

Colored INCO sheets are created using an electro coloration process (INCO). The color is created by using the interference caused by the reflection and refraction of the same light rays on the metal. This natural way of creating color in stainless steel means that the use of coatings is not necessary, and therefore the color is more resistant to corrosion. As with the Colored TSteel process, this process can be applied to patterned and traditional stainless steel sheets. The shades of the colors produced can vary depending on the individual results of the process.

Steel Color provides colored stainless steel sheets to the construction, architectural and design industry, to use in creating unique exteriors and interiors for a variety of different residential and commercial premises.


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