About us

Steel Color Spa

Steel Color is the only Italian company specialized in embossed, colored, mirror finished and textured Stainless Steel.

We are based in Pescarolo ed Uniti (Cremona – Italy), where the core of R&D as well as production take place. We carry out all the finishing and coloring processes 100% in Italy.
Steel Color operates in every sector where stainless steel is used: from architecture to construction, from elevator industry to interior, urban design and automotive, defining the highest quality standards for the global market.

The quality of our products originates from a careful selection of the raw material, but the aesthetic component is our strength: the Know How of our Team is totally dedicated to development, to offer innovative proposals and the most advanced and performing products.

Our Catalog is the most complete available on the market.

Thanks to the flexibility and the synergies achieved in decades of experience, we provide a tailored service based on quality and efficiency, which can be completed by after-sale support, without minimums on the ordered quantity.

The greatest architects and designers all over the world choose Steel Color as the ideal partner for their projects.

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