Textured Stainless Steel Sheets

textured stainless steel

Stainless steel brings a high level of durability and strength to any project. Sometimes this is not enough. Many projects also require stainless steel to look good. This is why textured stainless steel sheets are often used: they can add an extra dimension of design to the exterior or interior of a building, where stainless steel plays an integral part. Steel Color produces high quality textured stainless steel sheets that can be used in the design and creation of various structures, from high-end buildings to art installations.

The textured steel sheets produced by Steel Color are all created using top quality materials and processes. This means that they all have a high standard of durability. Various options are available when it comes to textured stainless steel sheets produced by Steel Color. They can be patterned or embossed using a cold rolling process. This can be done to one of both sides of the sheet. Color can also be added to textured stainless steel sheets as an extra design feature.

Textured stainless steel sheets can be used across many sectors, including architecture, design, automotive and creative. Natural stainless steel has its own power and beauty, but sometimes enhancement with patterns can help improve the originality of design. For instance, an art exhibit may draw in the audience by making use of several different textures of stainless steel.

Steel Color produces textured stainless steel sheets that can be used in the creation of various types of structure and machinery. They are expertly manufactured and designed to look appealing as well.


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