Colored INCO

Sheets are obtained with an electro coloration process (INCO)

The formation of different colors is created by “interference”, actually exploiting the phase difference between the light rays reflected by the several surfaces of oxides (created during the treatment) and the light rays before refracted (by the same oxides) and then reflected again by the surface of the underlying metal.

The peculiarity of the coloration by interference consists then in the modification of the superficial aspect of stainless steel without using any varnishes or coatings and that shows unquestionable benefits such as resistance to corrosion.

Patterned sheets can be colored by INCO.

The finishes in Patterned section can be supplied in all colors.

Sheets are usually supplied highlighted, unless stated otherwise.

Sheets are supplied as per samples in our catalog. Any small difference in the color is due to the different reflection of the raw material.

Samples are purely indicative and cannot be considered control samples.

Electro Colored sheets have a 20 mm margin alongside their width and length. This margin cannot be used if it remains in sight.

We are at your disposal to estimate any enquiries for non-standard dimensions.