INOX AISI 304 – 316 – 430 – 441

Patterned sheets are obtained by lamination, and can either be patterned or embossed

Patterned sheets can either be one side patterned or embossed double faced patterned sheets.

Patterned and embossed stainless steel sheets 2WL, 5WL, 6WL, QUADRO, LINO, PELLE, STRIPES and DOTS can also be supplied in BRUSHED and SCOTCH BRITE (SB).

The depth of the pattern depends on the thickness of the sheets.

The underline pattern can be colored by INCO and by PVD system.

We are at your disposal to estimate the realization of embossed stainless steel sheets not shown in this catalog and for non-standard dimensions.

Some of the above mentioned finishes can be supplied in coils.