Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is well known for its valuable mechanical and physical properties, which make it a considerable choice in several application fields.

Due to the resistance to corrosion, it is a suitable material to be used even where environmental conditions are particularly aggressive, both in construction and the industry field.

It is highly elastic and fire resistant, which make it particularly functional for the realization of anti-seismic structures.

It is easy to be processed and cleaned and its hygienic properties allow the use in the food industry as well as the health field.

Stainless Steel is also an environmentally sustainable choice, being it completely recyclable.

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Raw material

We carefully select the raw materials, so that for our products we only use alloys from the most qualified Mills:

  • austenitic AISI 304 and 316
  • ferritic AISI 430 and 441

Our finishes maximize the characteristics of resistance and durability proper of steel.


Products Applications