Chemical Etched

The chemical etching transfers any design on the stainless steel

We obtain a nice contrast between the opaque and the polished non-etched surfaces.

Coloration of the sheets is made through the INCO and PVD processes.

SC chemical etched sheets have a 10-20 mm margin alongside their width and length. This margin cannot be used if it remains in sight.
Compared to the size of the sheet, the design will have a 30 mm margin alongside the width and length.
Sheets are supplied as per samples. Any small difference in the color is due to the different reflection of the raw material.

Samples are purely indicative and cannot be considered control samples.

For further designs of Steel Color’s etched stainless steel sheets, please ask for “SC Design Catalog” which presents more than 50 designs.

We are at your disposal to estimate any non-standard requests.