PVD Coated Stainless Steel

pvd coated stainless steel sheets

Sometimes there is a need for stainless steel to have coloration and design. For instance, stainless steel sheets may be used in the design of an office reception area. It’s not enough for the stainless steel to be simply durable, it needs to have an interesting design element to it as well. Steel color produces PVD coated stainless steel for these occasions. Sheets of stainless steel can be colored using this PVD process, helping to create unique decoration. The vapor which forms on the surface of the sheets during the process provides different types of coating, such as oxides, nitrides and carbides. The colors that result from this process are distinctive and long lasting.  The surfaces can also be chemically etched, which means that any design can be transferred onto PVD coated stainless steel.

Steel Color knows how important it is for customers to get the right look from the stainless steel that they use. The PVD coated stainless steel that Steel Color produces helps to make this happen. The stainless steel used is high quality and the PVD process is expertly carried out, resulting in PVD coated stainless steel that can be etched and colored according to different requirements.

Buildings are often designed to be striking and individual, as well as strong and practical. This makes PVD coated stainless steel the perfect material to use as part of the design. It has the strength that is associated with stainless steel and can be designed and colored to meet a variety of design requirements.

Steel Color produces PVD coated stainless steel that can be used in a variety of different situations, in domestic and commercial environments.


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