Architectural Cladding

stainless steel architecture

The architectural design of structures has to be strong, functional and eye-catching. Architects want their creations to stand out from the crowd. Architectural cladding plays a vital role in this: it gives a top quality finish to a design. Steel Color produces sheets with sophisticated color and styling, which are perfect to be used in architectural cladding. These sheets can be used in architectural projects that encompass many different types of structures, from office blocks to hotels and residential premises.

The quality look and finish of the sheets produced by Steel Color makes them an exceptional choice to use as cladding in large scale architectural projects. The materials used in the creation of Steel Color products are all of the highest quality. This means that they can be used to create architectural cladding that is highly durable, as well as to have an appealing appearance. This is the perfect combination for cladding that is vital in helping to protect a structure, and help give it a unique look.

Steel Color products are the perfect choice when it comes to creating architectural cladding. Their design and color, together with their strength and durability, has led them to be chosen for several high profile architectural projects across the globe. Projects that have used Steel Color products include the Home Arts Centre in Manchester UK, the Alphabeta Business Centre in London UK and the Nizza Paradise Residence in Switzerland.

Steel Color works with a wide range of clients to produce top quality products to use in the creation of architectural cladding for a wide range of projects.


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