Polished Stainless Steel Sheets

polished stainless steel

There are times when stainless steel needs to have a particular type of finish; when it’s being used as cladding for the exterior of a high profile construction, for instance. At these times, there is a need for different types of polishing to be used, to create the required surface. Steel Color uses several different expert polishing techniques to create the polished stainless steel sheets that are required by customers. All of the polishing is completed to a high standard, so the finished polished stainless steel sheets have an impressive appearance.

Steel Color’s quality polished stainless sheets that can be used for various applications, in domestic and commercial situations. There are various finishes available. Lucido 7 is produced by using directional mechanical polishing. Super Mirror 8 is produced by using non-directional polishing that makes the steel sheet surface highly reflective.

Pallinato is a bead blasting finish that is produced by the impact of glass microspheres onto the steel surface, resulting in a uniform surface with low reflectivity. Each surface is created by experts at Steel Color.

Polished stainless steel combines strength with a stunning appearance. This makes it a popular element of design. It can be used on the exterior of modern buildings, to create an eye catching reflective appearance, or inside homes and offices, to create features such as counter tops. Polished stainless steel provides a clean and fresh look in these circumstances.

Steel Color provides high quality polished stainless steel sheets to use in a variety of different industrial and domestic circumstances. All of the steel provided by Steel Color can be relied upon for its strength and durability.


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