Stainless Steel Cladding Panels

stainless steel cladding panels

Cladding is an important aspect of the design of any building. Cladding is intended to help protect the structure and it needs to look good. This is especially the case when high profile buildings are involved. No top architect or design professional wants to create a building that has an appearance which is regarded as run-down. This is why it makes sense to use stainless steel cladding panels or stainless steel cladding sheets as a means of cladding a building. The stainless steel cladding sheets and stainless steel cladding panels produced by Steel Color are manufactured using high quality materials and processes.

Steel Color does not only provide natural stainless steel cladding panels and sheets, but there are also several different options available, including colored TSteel, colored INCO, patterned and chemically etched. This means that anyone using stainless steel cladding sheets produced by Steel Color can get the appearance that they are looking for. This is an important consideration when it comes to providing durable cladding for a building that also catches the eye.

Steel Color has been involved in providing stainless steel for several high profile construction projects, such as work completed in the Brescia Subway in Italy and in Aix En Provence University in France. The stainless steel cladding panels and sheets produced by Steel Color can be used to help create a unique look for buildings in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Steel Color produces high quality stainless steel to use in cladding panels and sheets. The stainless steel can be kept in its natural form, or it can be colored, patterned or etched to add an extra design element to the cladding.


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