Decorative Stainless Steel

decorative stainless steelStainless steel is known for being a tough and durable material that is resistant to corrosion. This means that it is often used as part of the exterior design of structures, as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Steel Color provides high quality stainless steel to the construction and architectural industry, to be used not only on the exterior of buildings, but also to create unique interiors.

Steel Color understands that customers want to produce design features which are visually impressive, as well as to have a high level of durability. This is why Steel Color provides decorative stainless steel that can be both colored and patterned. Expert coloring processes create color that is corrosion resistant and therefore long lasting. Patterned and embossed surfaces provided by Steel Color can be patterned or embossed on just the one surface, or both sides of the material.

Stainless steel is a popular material to use in creating design features such as work tops and splashbacks. Design professionals want these features to be stylish and memorable for the right reasons. This is why they want to use decorative stainless steel. By doing so they can combine the strength and durability of the metal with an appearance that has been enlivened by the use of pattern and color.

Decorative stainless steel is also often seen in art exhibitions as the material is popular for artists to express themselves.

Steel Color produces top quality decorative stainless steel to be used in a variety of different applications including architectural, design and artistic endeavour.


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